Plenary speakers (to be continued)

Caterina Riconda, Sorbonne Université, France

Frank Rosmej, Sorbonne Université, France

Jean-Luc Miquel, CEA/DAM/DCRE, Scientific advisor, CEA/DAM International expert, President of Association Lasers and Plasmas, France

Martin Peng, ENN Energy Research Institute, China

Tomohiro Morisaki, Head of LHD experimental group, NIFS, Japan

Vladimir Evgenievich Fortov, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Presidium, Russia

Jan Michael Rost, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany

Yanqin Gao, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, China

Andrew Ng, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of British Columbia, Canada

Stefano Atzeni, Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy

Other attendees(to be continued)

Stefan Weber, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI-Beamline), Czechia

Vladimir Tikhonchuk, CELIA, Bordeeaux University, Bordeaux, France; ELI-Beamlines, Institute of Physics, Czech Republic

Anabella Araudo, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI-Beamline), Czechia, with topics about jets

Deepak Kumar, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI-Beamline), Czechia, "Ellipsoidal Plasma Mirrors and the physics with it"

Raoul Trines, Central Laser Facility, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, "Plasma amplification analysis"

Ondrej Klimo, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI-Beamline), Czechia, "Laser-Plasma-Interaction for shock ignition"

Quansheng Liu, Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Maryland, US, "Chaos and cavity formation in strongly nonlinear effects of Stimulated Raman backscattering instability in laser plasma interaction"

Livia Lancia, École Polytechnique, LULI Laboratoire Pour l'Utilisation des Lasers Intenses, France,  "Laser-plasma interaction and study of  the fundamental processes of wave coupling at twice the plasma frequency, with applications to the origin of the interplanetary radio emissions"

Florian Condamine, Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI-Beamline), Czechia, "Self-seeded X-ray Laser resonant photo-pumping of highly charged ions in hot dense plasma at LCLS-MEC"

Kunioki Mima, The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries, Japan

Satyabrata Kar, Queen's University Belfast, UK

Qichang Su, University of Illinois, USA, "Designing external force field to maximize particle creation yield during the vacuum breakdown process"

Matteo Tamburini, Institute of Max-Planck Institute on Nuclear Physics, Germany, "Strong-field QED beyond the local-constant-field approximation"

Jianxing Li, School of Science, Xi'an Jiaotong University, China, "Generation of polarized leptons and gamma-rays with ultraintense lasers"

Weimin Wang, Department of Physics, Renmin University of China; Institute of Physics, CAS, China, "Disappearance of guided propagation of extremely intense lasers"

Daniele Margarone, Institute of Physics ASCR, ELI-Beamlines, Czechia, "A high-current stream of energetic α particles from laser-driven proton-boron nuclear fusion"

Meirong Huang, College of Physics and Electronics Information, Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, China, "Nuclear Astrophysics with Lasers"

Fabio Bellone, European Commission, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation, Euratom Research, Brussels, Belgium, "Feasibility of a laser-driven gamma-ray source for active interrogation of special nuclear materials"

Norihito Muramatsu, Research Center for Electron Photon Science, Tohoku University, Japan, "Hadron photoproduction experiments at laser Compton scattering beamlines and next-generation gamma-ray facilities"

Xueqing Yan, Peking University, China   

Zheng Gong, Peking University, China    

Nina Elkina, Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany, "Theoretical and numerical issues of plasma and QED effects simulation"

Sergey Pikuz, Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JIHT), Russia 

Riccardo Florido, iUNAT – Departamento de Física, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, "Flexible collisional-radiative atomic-kinetics and spectroscopic modelling of high-energy-density plasmas: application to experiments relevant to ICF alternative approaches"

Yang Zhao, Laser Fusion Research Center, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China, "Experimental Study of K-shell absorption Spectra in Warm Dense Matter at Shenguang Laser Facility"

Norimasa Ozaki, Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE), Osaka University, Japan, "In-situ X-ray diffraction measurements of shock-induced deformation in nano-polycrystalline diamond"

Toshimori Sekine, Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced (Hpstar), China    

Dimitri Batani, CELIA - Centre Lasers Intenses et Applications Université de Bordeaux, France

Kevin Glize, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK, "Laser-Plasma Instablities at Shock Ignition relevant intensities and NIF Direct-Drive plasma conditions"

Ke Lan, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematical, China

Gabriele Cristoforetti, National Institute of Optics, CNR, Pisa and Florence, Italy, "Laser-Plasma Instabilities at intensities relevant for Shock Ignition: Experimental results and open issues"    

Robert Bingham, Rutherford Appleton Lab, University of Strathclyde, UK

Masakatsu Murakami, Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, Japan

Dieter H.H. Hoffmann, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany

Victor Malka, Centre National de Larecherche Scientifique, France

Ning Ding, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing, China

Yuhong Xu, Southwestern Institute of Physics, China

Pascal LoiseauCEA/DAM, France




2nd MRE Young Scientist Award

  • Submission deadlineApril 30, 2021
  • MRE Webinars: June 7-8, 2021